Top Enjoyable Things To Do In Hong Kong

Even though Hong Kong is not unheard of as a tourist destination, it’s amazing that a lot of people still go back regularly and enjoy every single visit. The reason is because Hong Kong really has a lot to offer to tourists considering that it has been the melting pot of different cultures throughout the years that it has risen to becoming one of the most popular destinations when traveling. Returning and first-time tourists will definitely enjoy because of the diverse activities and sights to experience when visiting Hong Kong.

The Star Ferry is one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong for tourists because this is perfect for people who want to enjoy the sights of the skyline at night. This will be enjoyed while the ferry is taking tourists and locals between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon while giving the best view of the Victoria Harbour skyline to its passengers. Another reason why this is on top of the list of things to enjoy in Hong Kong is the fact that it’s very cheap for locals, and affordable for tourists; it is also advised that when riding the ferry, the upper deck is explored as it gives the better view.

Another very popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong is The Peak, which is the highest point of Hong Kong Island; and the most breathtaking and quickest way to reach the top is to ride the Peak Tram. Riding this tram will take the passengers to 1,300 feet above the ground. It runs daily from 7 in the morning up to midnight and allows the passengers a lot of time to enjoy the view, take photos, and just bask in the overwhelming bird’s eye view of Hong Kong. 

For tourists who want to dive more into the historical aspect of what Hong Kong has to offer, the Tian Tan Buddha or more commonly known as the Big Buddha, is the perfect option. It is among the most famous attractions in Hong Kong because it is the biggest seated Buddha structure that exists in the entire world. Add to this is the fact that this Buddha sits on top of the Po Lin Monastery, which is considered as one of the most significant Buddhist sanctums all over the world. This attraction is also perfect for outdoorsy types of people because before reaching the actual structure of the Buddha, 268 steps must first be climbed. 

And of course, going to Hong Kong should almost always equate to visiting the various night markets that it has to offer tourists. There are a lot to choose from, but the Temple Street Night Market is probably the most popular one. What’s fun about these night markets is that there are about a hundred different stalls set up that are offering a wide array of options for tourists to enjoy – from souvenirs, to local finds, food, gadgets, clothes, and even art pieces. This is truly a dream come true for collectors who are into buying stuff that cannot be bought anywhere else. 

To say that Hong Kong has a lot to offer is such an understatement because of how alive and booming their tourist attractions are. …

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Best Things To Do In Greece

Greece is probably one of the most popular travel destinations ever, but when asked, people are not really sure what to do there. The good thing is that this place is one of the richest places in the world when it comes to providing information about ancient mythology, as well as architecture, history, art, philosophy, and even archaeology. To break all of these down, here is a list of the things that tourists can enjoy once they decide to go on a trip to Greece.

Found in the capital city of Greece, Athens, is the Acropolis; this is probably the first on the list because the entire structure was built from marble and this is where the statue of Athena, the goddess of Athens, used to stand. This structure is definitely the epitome of ancient architecture; it will let tourists marvel at the stunning view of Parthenon while walking around the pathways. 

If a tourist is looking for a great adventure in Greece, then climbing Mount Olympus should be part of the itinerary because it is not only rich in history, but it is also well known in the field of Greek mythology. It is located in Larditsa and to be able to climb this mountain, traveling to Litochoro is a must to be able to get to the available trails. Tourists have the choice of either trekking the mountain all the way to the top, or just trekking it halfway, depending on the fitness level, time, and even the desire to fully experience Mount Olympus. 

Aside from Mount Olympus, tourists can also visit Lake Plastira as another option for people who are looking to do something that is close to nature. One of the things that make this lake unique is the fact that it is man-made, surrounded by chestnut and oak trees while allowing tourists to go rafting or canoeing; not to mention, there are also spots for land activities like hiking and horse riding. 

Of course, admiring the architecture of Santorini is one of the things that shouldn’t be missed from a trip to Greece; it is known as the island of Thira and the favorite destination of newlyweds. The most fascinating thing about this place is that it has a very picturesque view that can easily be included in postcards because of the Cycladic homes that dominate the overall view. Santorini is perfect for walking around the city, while enjoying the landscape formed from a volcanic crater.

Delphi is also one of the most famous attractions in Greece, especially for people who want to go on a pilgrimage to be able to honor Apollo who is the ancient Greek god of prophecy, light, music, and healing. In fact, a lot of people would go just to be able to seek guidance from the Oracle, as well as visit the temples that can also be found in this spot; aside from temples, there are also stadiums, theaters, and ancient ruins that can make anyone’s visit rich in experience and knowledge.

Clearly, Greece is considered as one of the most popular destinations for tourists for a good number of reasons.…

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