Is Mongolia Worthy of Visiting? Find out!

Mongolia is probably not a dream destination for many people – a landlocked country with yet a diverse natural culture. The country is, however, a hub of natural beauty and has maintained the nomadic lifestyle. Located between Russia and China, the country is famed for its rugged terrain, which has helped the nomadic culture to thrive. 

Mongolia has a wide range of accommodation options. They include camps, Sofitel, and lodges. Specifically, The Blue Sky Hotel is a good option for visitors. Once you arrive in the country, it’s always best to consult with experienced locals.

Since Mongolia is a developing country, the transport system is sub-par, and thus getting around could be hectic. It’s advisable to work with a ground operator for assistance in logistics, to avoid trouble.

Experience the best of Mongolia

If you want to enjoy the best of Mongolia, here are the top 4 must-do and visit attractions.  

  1. Tour around on a horse

Many numerous tour companies offer horse trekking.  Riding is a hobby for most locals in Mongolia and, thus, the country’s horse hype. You ride a horse while viewing the Ulaan Baatar and Kharkhorin (traditional capital of Genghis Khan). 

  1. Wildlife

For wildlife fanatics, Mongolia is a must-visit destination. Visit the Khustai National Park and have an interaction with 44 species of mammals, 459 species of vascular plants, 33 mushroom species, and 90 species of moss. Among the animals in the national park include the Roe deer and Mongolian gazelle.

  1. Desert landscape

The Gobi desert is also a home of plenty of wild animals. Apart from gazelles running up and down the desert, eagles soar above the skies. The Mongolian government established the Great Gobi National Park in 1975.

You can take a camel ride as you adventure the dunes and interacting with the local communities in the region. There is also a Buddhist temple with a monk who lived in the hills of south Gobi. This temple was built by hand, and the laborers carried stone pieces and wood pieces up 1800 steps to the summit of the mountain to reconstruct their place of worship.  

  1. Annual festivals

The best way to experience Mongolian culture is to attend the Naadam festival. Naadam festival happens once per year, around July. The festival attracts thousands of natives and several tourists. During the Naadam festival, the locals participate in wrestling, archery, and 30km horseback race. 

  1. Itineraries

Unlike most holiday destinations, the best way to wrap up a busy expedition day in Mongolia is by camping. When the aspect of camping comes at hand, group tours are best. You spend the night beside a fire, gazing at the stars and sharing stories with your travel crew.


Once in the country, you will learn the ancient history of the Chinggis Khan and the subsequent rise in the Mongol Empire. Lake Khuvsgul, Gorkhi Terelk National Park, and Erdene Zuu Monastery are places to visit in Mongolia to feel the expansive nomadic culture and its history.

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